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About the author

Author David House  David James House is a human who resides in the capital village of a land known as Oregon – a cool, cloudy, rainy region of a developing world called Earth. This planet is located in one of the backwaters of the galaxy, orbiting an unremarkable sun in one of the Milky Way’s minor outer belts of stars.
  His series of novels about secret human contact with an advanced civilization is no cause for concern at this time. However, with the publication of Survivor Planet, as well as Book 1, The Key to Space, subsequent installments of the Space-Worthy Chronicles will receive further scrutiny for evidence of extraterrestrial knowledge.
  The author’s low-wage jobs in state government and journalism make him particularly vulnerable to financial enticement. He might write anything – passing it off as "speculative fiction" – in exchange for a few kilograms of gold.
  If necessary, the author will be acquired for interrogation and perhaps erasure of any sensitive information from his memory.
  But thus far, no one on Earth is taking him seriously, and that is just as well.