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About the series

The Key to Space

Survivor Planet

Coming soon: The UFO and the Wizard

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Survivor Planet

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The UFO and the Wizard

The Space-Worthy Chronicles is an epic that will span several hardback novels, such as The Key to Space and The UFO and the Wizard, as well as short paperback adventures such as Survivor Planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Space-Worthy Chronicles?

This series will chronicle Jess Worthy’s collision course with the end, and the beginning, of time and space. Over the next few years of this high school boy’s incredible double life, he will experience wonder and terror like no one from Earth -- and maybe the rest of the galaxy -- ever has before.

What is Survivor Planet?

In Survivor Planet, Jess Worthy's routine group survival exercise turns into a  real struggle for survival on a frozen world as an evil entity hunts Jess and his five alien companions. This short paperback can be read before or after the numbered novels

What is The Key to Space?

The Key to Space is Book 1 of the Space-Worthy Chronicles. In this novel, Oregon 14-year-old Jess Worthy must solve the mystery of what killed all life on a planet 20,000 years ago. He unwittingly brings that threat to Earth.

Why are some books numbered and others aren't?

The numbered hardback novels tell the story of how Jess Worthy's already tumultuous teenage life turned upside down when he was offered the chance to travel the galaxy. The adventures without numbers in the series can be read in any order, even before the numbered novels.

Who will like this book series?

Readers of science-fiction and fantasy are not the only people who will enjoy the Space-Worthy Chronicles. Although written mainly for young adults, it will appeal to readers of all ages, both men and women. See what some readers say.

How big is the Survivor Planet?

It's a 5.5-by-8.5-inch paperback with full-color covers and a total of 108 pages. The story itself is 70 pages, and the sample first chapters from Books 1 and 2 are included in back.

How big is the The Key to Space?

It's a 5.5-by-8.5-inch hardback with full-color covers, but no dust jacket, and a total of 364 pages. The story itself is over 300 pages, and there is an eight-page preview to Book 2 in the back.

What are the ISBNs?

Survivor Planet: 0-9777086-1-6 or 978-09777086-1-1

The Key to Space: 0-9777086-0-8 or 978-0-9777086-0-4

How do I get these books?

Through this Web site by credit card or PayPal account through the PayPal Shopping Cart. People who would prefer to order by mail rather than online can create a printable order form with this online form.

What If I want a copy mailed outside the U.S.?

You must order by mail with a mail order in U.S. funds. Use the mail-order form.

What is The UFO and the Wizard?

The UFO and the Wizard is Book 2 -- the second hardback novel in the Space-Worthy Chronicles. It probably will be out in Fall 2008, but that's just an estimate.

Who is the author of this series?

David James House.

How do booksellers get copies to sell?

By contacting the author/publisher.