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What readers say

Survivor PlanetThe ship crashed, the survival kit was smashed, the transmitters malfunctioned – not to mention the raging flood that almost broke through Jess's "biovox" protection. All through this, I kept hoping along with Jess that, somehow, he'd manage to get closer to Saralestra, the Platinum Maiden more beautiful than anyone Jess had ever imagined before.
If I could be any imaginary hero, this kid would be the one, as his life away from Earth is a total blast.

– Joseph Brown
Author, Dark Things series

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The Key to SpaceEvery now and then, a writer comes along who surprises, charms, cajoles, and conjures up stories and characters so utterly original – so fantastically alive –that you can't wait to turn the next page ... or buy the next installment. David James House is such a writer, and his master work "They Key to Space" is just such a project. If you are looking for buried treasure in the science-fiction genre, be sure to dig your shovel deep into House's fiction; his writing commands both attention and respect.

– William Florence
Author, Max Blake series

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I bought your book Survivor Planet on the last day of the state fair. I have not finished the book yet, but I really like it. The characters are very creative. I very much like Jess; he seems like a bit of a geek, but that's what I like about him. Man, I wish I had a biovox; that would be super cool and useful The aliens are new and very odd in [a] very different way. I don't think your book will end up on my "to read" pile any time soon. I have a hard time putting it down as it is. If I didn't have school I would be done already.

– Young female reader, Oregon

The Key To Space is awesome and the best book in the world, 3000 times better than Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– 11-year-old male reader, California

I thought it was a great book for adults and teenagers. It was easy to read and flowed from one thing to the next. I also think because it was set in the city I live in, it was easy to see the comparisons of the city in the book. I did not want to put this book down when I first was handed the book, it was that engaging. I can't wait for the second book and the ones to follow after that.

– Adult female reader, Oregon

The Key to Space is a ripping good yarn. The story is about a high school freshman who finds himself exploring the dangers and excitements of both high school and outer space. The book builds from the concrete realities of starting high school right on through to intergalactic conspiracies. Appropriate for adults as well as kids, the story is funny and thrilling in equal measure. It moves right along and I couldn't put it down. I can't wait for the next one!

– Adult male reader, California

You'll enjoy "The Key to Space" by David James House. It's clever, it's funny, it's enlightening, it's insightful – and it boldly goes where few first-time authors have gone before: to entertaining heights of adventure and insight. You'll enjoy yourself along the way – and you'll find yourself looking forward to the next adventure.

– Adult male reader, Oregon

The Key to Space is quite an entertaining book, no matter your age. It's very well written, very descriptive, and is set in a real world place that we can relate to. Older adults might find it a bit slow at first, but it gets into some good sci-fi action in no time, and just keeps building right up to the end. You don't want to set it down, and when you finish you find yourself wanting more.

– Teen male reader, Oregon

I read this book from both the perspective of just entertainment and with an eye for a good book for nieces & nephews. I really enjoyed it - even as an adult, but I think it's a complete winner for kids too. There is nothing in this book that would be inappropriate for kids of any age, but it's still got good humor for the kids; I was surprised with a good chuckle in a few places too. It has great imagery, very creative setting that got my imagination going, but nothing was too complicated. I didn't want to put it down because it was just a fun, fluid read. I really can't wait for the next one and would highly recommend it as a good read and a can't miss give for anyone that likes to read a good adventure and/or sci-fi. I think it would make a great, fun movie too.

– Adult male reader, Oregon