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Space-Worthy Chronicles sell well
at second state fair in a row

  Author David House has just finished attending two Oregon Authors Table fairs -- the 11-day Oregon State Fair, and the 3-hour Author's Fair at the Oregon Coast.
  At the state fair Aug. 23 through Sept. 3, House sold 13 copies of The Key to Space and 48 copies of Survivor Planet.
  "That's almost a fifth of the 250-copy print run of Survivor Planet," House said. "And new readers who bought Survivor Planet first are ordering copies of The Key to Space already."
  Only 12 days after the state fair, House attended the Author's Fair at Bob's Beach Books in Lincoln City, where he sold three copies of The Key to Space and two of Survivor Planet.
  "It was only a three-hour event, and I still sold five books," House said. "And I met author Greg Rucka, who has worked with a friend of mine on the story line for the Sony game Logan's Shadow. It sure is a small world, and there are lots of authors in Oregon."
  House is scheduling one or two more public signings for the rest of 2007. Details will be announced when plans are finalized.