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Jess's next destination is an iron-age world
with some deadly surprises

Map of major land masses on Metolias

Metolias: Jess's next destination in The UFO and the Wizard is Metolias, an iron-age world that turns out different from what it seems. This is a two-dimensional map of the planet's land masses.

  Not long after Jess Worthy lands on Metolias, he wants to kick his own butt for not reading about the planet before setting foot outside his ship -- for what he'd thought would be a quick look-around.
  Then he wishes he hadn't accepted this "special opportunity" from Dr. Paragon to visit a unique world in the galaxy.
  Jess ends up traveling to many more parts of Metolias than he'd planned or even imagined in The UFO and the Wizard, Book 2 of the Space-Worthy Chronicles.

When: Author David House is aiming for release of The UFO and the Wizard  in the second half of 2008. Check this Web site occasionally for updates.

Already available: The Key to Space, Book 1 of the series, and Survivor Planet, one of the 14-year-old Oregon boy's short adventures across the galaxy.