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Recession on Earth spreads across galaxy
Lords of the Dark Nebula aims for 2010, The UFO and the Wizard for 2011

  The impacts of Earth’s economic recession have spread across the galaxy, forcing Space-Worthy Chronicles to reschedule publication of the next books in the series.

Lords of the Dark Nebula cover  The new schedule calls for Lords of the Dark Nebula, a short story, to be published in Spring 2010 and for The UFO and the Wizard, Book 2 in the full-length novels, aimed for Spring 2011.

  "Because 2009 is clearly the toughest year in decades for everyone, it makes sense to skip publishing this year," author David House said. "Then, as the economy and people’s incomes are expected to recover, 2010 is a good year for an inexpensive novella like Lords of the Dark Nebula.

  "By 2011, readers should be in even better financial condition to buy the full-length The UFO and the Wizard."

  Lords of the Dark Nebula will be an inexpensive paperback, like Survivor Planet.

  "Although Lords of the Dark Nebula is a darker tale than Survivor Planet, it can fit early in the series and doesn't need to be read in any particular order, just like Survivor Planet," House said. "My only regret is that readers need to wait an extra year for any new Space-Worthy Chronicles book."

  Readers should check the Space-Worthy Web site now and then to watch for when the next book is published.