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Books are selling as well as last year at state fair
Author will sell and sign books at Author's Table from Aug. 28 to Sept. 7

2009 Oregon Author's Table at the Oregon State Fair. Click to enlarge.
 This summerís Oregon State Fair got off to a great start. Despite the weak economy, interest in books at the Oregon Author's Table was as strong as last year.

  "Even though we had some rain in the afternoon, there were plenty of people looking at books, including The Key to Space and Survivor Planet," author David House said. "I hope my first printing of Survivor Planet holds out for the next 10 days of the fair."

  As of Aug. 28, there were only about 70 copies remaining of the first printing of 250 copies of Survivor Planet, a paperback novella about an Oregon boyís adventures across the galaxy.

  "Survivor Planet is selling faster than The Key to Space because even though both are first editions, Survivor Planet  is paperback and costs less than $10," House said. "I hope I have enough for this yearís state fair."

  The fair runs Aug. 28 through Sept. 7 in Salem, and the Oregon Authorís Table is located in the The Americraft Center (formerly the Jackman-Long Building) on the west side of the fairgrounds.