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Books sell better at state fair than last year
Only dozens of the first printing of each book remain

Oregon Author's Table on the last day of the 2009 Oregon State Fair. Click to enlarge.
 The Space-Worthy Chronicles books sold even better at this year's Oregon State Fair than at last year's.

  "We had rain during the first few days, and then showers the second weekend of the fair, but readers snatched up copies of The Key to Space and Survivor Planet at an even faster pace than last year," author David House said. "Fortunately, I had enough of the first printing of each book to last through the fair."

  At the end of the fair, there were only 120 copies of the 250 signed and numbered hardback The Key to Space books and 60 copies of the 250 Survivor Planet left.

  "By this time next year, I'm sure I'll need to print more Survivor Planets for next year," House said. "I might even need to do a Key to Space paperback."

  Next year may be the biggest year ever for the series if Lords of the Dark Nebula is out in time for the 2010 Oregon State Fair.