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Next book: Lords of the Dark Nebula in 2010
Paperback novella will be priced under $10

  Now that the galactic economy is showing signs of a very slow turnaround, the next book in the Space-Worthy Chronicles will be Lords of the Dark Nebula in 2010.

Lords of the Dark Nebula cover  "This may turn out to be a darker tale than Survivor Planet, but Lords of the Dark Nebula can fit early in the series and doesn't need to be read in any particular order, just like Survivor Planet," House said.

  Like Survivor Planet, Lords of the Dark Nebula will be a novella in paperback and priced under $10.

  "The paperback novellas are less expensive for Space-Worthy Chronicles to publish and less expensive for readers across the galaxy to buy," House said.

  The next hardback novel in the series, The UFO and the Wizard, is tentatively set for 2011 publication.