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Next book: Lords of the Dark Nebula in 2011
Paperback novella will be priced under $10

  Release of Lords of the Dark Nebula has slipped into a minor time warp, pushing its completion date into 2011. The repercussions of that cosmic event push forward the target date for The UFO and the Wizard to 2012.

Lords of the Dark Nebula cover  Although many of the factors behind these delays are beyond earthly control, the author apologizes to loyal fans for the long wait for new galactic adventures with Jess Worthy. He still hopes to provide a new adventure in Lords of the Dark Nebula in affordable paperback, hopefully less than $10.

  For now, the author still intends to appear at the 2010 Oregon State Fairís Authorís Table on Aug. 27 to Sept. 6. The remaining first printings of both The Key to Space and Survivor Planet may finally sell out this year.